Best Midjurney promts

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midjurney best promts

Here I will introduce you all the promts (commands to generate a specific image) used for images on this site.

And many more for inspiration.

Keep in mind that each time the AI will generate a more or less different image based on the same input. No two will ever be exactly the same!


Lamborghini Aventador, digital poster, futuristic city skyline, night, car, speeding, deserted highway, neon lights, shiny exterior, dark background, vibrant colors, vivid colors,vector, illustration, extreme detail, rule of thirds, excellent composition, epic, 4K, 8K –ar 2:3 –v 4 –s 750

TheOutdoors driving to the moon base to enter the rocket ship

riving to the moon base, earth up ahead, moon base –seed 3394337190 –seed 4243020344 –ar 3:2 –uplight

Alien on Milky Way galaxyaction pose red nose render

group of mushrooms, iumination, neon, single entity, one entity, centered image, high definition, detailed concept art, render, cinema

Jasper Art, Starry AI, Dream by Wombo, Nightcafe, DALL-E, Pixray, Deep Dream Generator, Deep AI, BigSleep, Artbreeder, Fotor AI Image Generatorration, Craiyon

Midjurney AI generated promts:
Surrealism, creepy, horror, macabre, –ar 3:2

gorilla roaring, full body, black background, ethereal, semi translusent, phantasamal iridescent, 8k –v 4 –ar 3:2

iridescent Porsche with black bbs rims graphic design, 3d render, 12k

flame effect rainbow colors explosive flames 4k uhd boosted color